Faculty and Staff

All numbers can be dialed from off campus by adding (573) 288 before the extension.

Office of the President
Richard D. Valentine, President of the College, email: rvalentine@culver.edu, ext. 6323
Doris Briscoe, Assistant to the President, email: dbriscoe@culver.edu, ext. 6511 

Office of the Dean and Academics
Dr. Daniel Silber, Dean of the College, email: dsilber@culver.edu, ext. 6364
Debra Henderson, Office Manager, email: dhenderson@culver.edu, ext. 6512
Dr. Dell Ann Janney
, Associate Dean of Experiential Education and Professor of Accounting,
email: djanney@culver.edu,
ext. 6388
Dr. Holly Andress-Martin, Associate Dean for Academic Success, email: handress@culver.edu, ext. 6421
Dr. Jayme E. Long, Coordinator of Academic Support Center, email: jlong@culver.edu, ext. 6350
Carrie Strobel, Director of Online Campus and External Campus Events, email: cstrobel@culver.edu, ext. 6468

Administration and Finance
Diane Bozarth, Chief Financial Officer/Controller, email: dbozarth@culver.edu, ext. 6473
Amy Baker, Director of Human Resources, email: abaker@culver.edu, ext. 6493
Beth Logsdon, Accountant, email: blogsdon@culver.edu, ext. 6491
Diane Casebier, Payroll Manager, email: dcasebier@culver.edu, ext. 6495
Kellie A. Fisher, Accounting Assistant/Customer Service Coordinator, email: kfisher@culver.edu, ext. 6454

Misty McBee, Director of Admission, email: mmcbee@culver.edu, ext. 6507
Denny McCarty, Assistant Director of Admission, email: dmccarty@culver.edu, ext. 6506

William (Billy) Schaffer, Associate Director of Admission, email: wschaffer@culver.edu, ext. 6462
Kim Uhlmeyer, Admission Operations Director, email: kuhlmeyer@culver.edu, ext. 6301 
Gaye Redd, Admission Campus Visit Coordinator, email: gredd@culver.edu, ext. 6303
Tammy Logsdon, Data Processing Manager, email: tlogsdon@culver.edu, ext. 6466

Kellie Capps, Chicago Regional Admission Counselor, email: kcapps@culver.edu, (217) 440-3273
Jenna Crabtree, Admission Counselor, Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing, email: jcrabtree@culver.edu, ext. 6302
Brandon Crisp, Admission Counselor, email: bcrisp@culver.edu, ext. 6456
Dawnie Jo Summers, Senior Admission Counselor, email: dsummers@culver.edu, ext. 6467
Megan Schweitzer, Admission Counselor, email: mschweitzer@culver.edu, ext. 6309

Morgan Mohr, Admission Counselor, email: mmohr@culver.edu, ext. 6477

Advancement and Alumni Programs
Eric Barkley, Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Programs, email: ebarkley@culver.edu, ext. 6463
K. Scott McGaughey, Director of Advancement for Annual and Leadership Giving, email: smcgaughey@culver.edu,
ext. 6395
Jennifer Sousa, Director of Alumni Programs, email: jsousa@culver.edu, ext. 6343
Steve Miller, Director of Advancement for Planned Giving and Parent Programs, email: smiller@culver.edu, ext. 6440
Kellie Capps, Advancement Officer, email: kcapps@culver.edu, (217) 440-3273
Marjorie Ellison, Director of Advancement Operations, email: mellison@culver.edu, ext. 6541
Barbara Taylor, Manager, Financial Records and Stewardship, email: btaylor@culver.edu, ext. 6320

Greg McVey, Athletic Director, email: gmcvey@culver.edu, ext. 6424
Traci Bringer, Administrative Assistant, email: tbringer@culver.edu, ext. 6443

- See Athletics page for information on coaches and staff

Campus Facilities
Mike Bringer, Director of Campus Security and Facilities, email: mbringer@culver.edu, ext. 6528
Joni Mowen, Office Manager, email: jmowen@culver.edu, ext. 6524
Joy Weathers-Scott, Housekeeping Supervisor, email: jscott@culver.edu, ext. 6526

Campus Safety
Mike Bringer, Director of Campus Security and Facilities, email: mbringer@culver.edu, ext. 6528
Skip Barton, Assistant Director of Campus Safety, email: sbarton@culver.edu, ext. 6300

Career Services
Dr. Holly Andress-Martin, Associate Dean for Academic Success, email: handress@culver.edu, ext. 6421
Heather Keller, Coordinator of Career and Internship Services, email: hkeller@culver.edu, ext. 6536

College Communications
Jessica M. Cate, Director of College Communications, email: jcate@culver.edu, ext. 6450
John Schild, Sports Information Director, email: jschild@culver.edu, ext. 6532
Ashley Rung, Lead Designer and Operations Manager, email: arung@culver.edu, ext. 6531
Jennifer Roberts, Web Manager and Designer
, email: jeroberts@culver.edu, ext. 6333
Heidi Lanier, Media Coordinator & Writer/Editor, email: hlanier@culver.edu, ext. 6312

Dining Services
Kelly Pfab, Director of Dining Services, email: kpfab@culver.edu, ext. 6565
Josh Lanier, Assistant Director of Dining Services, email: jlanier@culver.edu, ext. 6341

Division of Business
Kim Gaither, Chairperson, email: kgaither@culver.edu, ext. 6340
Kathy Markovich, Secretary, email: kmarkovich@culver.edu, ext. 6471

Division of Education and Applied Arts
Ann Hammer, Chairperson, email: ahammer@culver.edu, ext. 6438
Kathy Markovich, Secretary, email: kmarkovich@culver.edu, ext. 6471

Division of Fine Arts
Kent Miller, Chairperson, email: kmiller@culver.edu, ext. 6373
Judith Garkie, Secretary, email: jgarkie@culver.edu, ext. 6413

Division of Humanities
Patrick Hotle, Chairperson of Humanities, email: photle@culver.edu, ext. 6394
Deanne Whiston, Secretary, email: dwhiston@culver.edu, ext. 6378

Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Chad DeWaard, Chairperson of Social and Behavioral Sciences
, email: cdewaard@culver.edu, ext. 6694
Deanne Whiston, Secretary, email: dwhiston@culver.edu, ext. 6378

Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Lauren Schellenberger, Chairperson of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, email: lschellenberger@culver.edu, ext. 6429
Deanne Whiston, Secretary, email: dwhiston@culver.edu, ext. 6378

Financial Aid
Tina Wiseman, Director of Financial Aid
, email: twiseman@culver.edu, ext. 6306
Patti Foust, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, email: pfoust@culver.edu, ext. 6465
Holly Allen, Student Accounts, email: hallen@culver.edu, ext. 6492
Penny Culbertson, Financial Aid Assistant, email: pculbertson@culver.edu, ext. 6307

Information Technology
Joseph Liesen, Executive Director of Administrative Systems and Services
, email: jliesen@culver.edu, ext. 6480
James Ellis, ResNet and Network Support Coordinator, email: jellis@culver.edu, ext. 6404
Cindy McCutchan, Webmaster & Software Support Coordinator, email: cmccutchan@culver.edu, ext. 6405
Sherry Shuman, Hardware Analyst, email: sshuman@culver.edu, ext. 6335

Sharon K. Upchurch, Librarian and Assistant Professor of Library Science, email: supchurch@culver.edu, ext. 6478
Tammy Ellison, Assistant Librarian, email: tellison@culver.edu, ext. 6641
Julie Wright, Secretary and Media Coordinator, email: jwright@culver.edu, ext. 6640

Registrar's Office
Chris Huebotter, Registrar, email: chuebotter@culver.edu, ext. 6542
Karla McReynolds, Assistant Registrar, email: kmcreynolds@culver.edu, ext. 6544

Student Life
D. Christopher Gill, Ph.D., Dean of Student Life, email: cgill@culver.edu, ext. 6334
Susan Moon, Director of Counseling and Wellness Services, email: smoon@culver.edu, ext. 6441
Devon Ossorio, Director of Student Activities & Intramurals, email: dossorio@culver.edu, ext. 6571
Joe Stubbs, Coordinator of Greek Life and Leadership, email: jstubbs@culver.edu, ext. 6360
Amanda Sorenson, Chaplain, email: asorenson@culver.edu, ext. 6420
Susie Sutton, Secretary, email: ssutton@culver.edu, ext. 6472

Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing
Pam Brown, President/CEO 
Jenna Crabtree, Admission Counselor, email: jcrabtree@culver.edu, ext. 6302
Nancy Campbell, Financial Aid Assistant