Travel Study Grant

The Travel Study Grant program is designed to help students take advantage of the many experiential courses offered as part of the Culver-Stockton curriculum.

Students can accrue up to $1,500 in travel study grants during their four years to use toward payment of any special fees associated with taking courses during the three-week term. These might include costs for courses that involve domestic or foreign travel, research materials, off-campus internship expenses, attendance at approved academic conferences or other authorized expenses.

Earn Grants
- Beginning of first semester as a full-time C-SC student, students are entitled to a $100 Travel Study Grant.
- Beginning of the third consecutive semester as a full-time C-SC student in good standing, students are entitled to a $400 travel study grant.
- Beginning of fifth consecutive semester as a full-time C-SC student in good standing, student's are entitled to a second $500 grant plus any unused portion of the first grant.
- Beginning of the seventh consecutive semester as a full-time C-SC student in good standing, students are entitled to a third $500 grant plus any unused portions of the previous grants.


- Travel Study grants can only be used for authorized course expenses and cannot be applied toward payment of tuition, room, board, books or other usual fees.
- To redeem grants, students must be in good academic standing and must have a zero student account balance, unless the balance stems from the travel charge.
- Students must be enrolled continuously as full-time C-SC students to earn and redeem grants.
- Students who drop out of full-time status or who lose their good standing as defined in C-SC policies lose their accrued grant earnings.
- Grants not used during a student’s C-SC career will be forfeited.

- Grants can be redeemed when a student registers for a course with approved travel course fees.
- Students must apply for the grant in the Student Accounts office.
- Grants will not be refunded once redeemed if students, at any time, drop the approved course.

Nursing Students
Nursing students may receive financial aid scholarships from Culver-Stockton College during their freshman and sophomore years. During that time, they are also eligible to participate in the Travel Study Grant program. Once a nursing student is accepted as a junior by the Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing, then Blessing-Rieman determines their financial aid for their junior and senior years. The student may be eligible for the grant program through Blessing-Rieman for their junior and senior years. Please contact Blessing-Rieman's registrar for more information.