Major overhaul planned for C-SC’s energy systems

CANTON, Mo.— Culver-Stockton College has secured a $3.9 million performance contract to implement energy-efficient improvements on campus. Nearly every building on campus will receive upgrades, and three buildings will received a major HVAC renovation. This overhaul will reduce the College’s carbon footprint by 4.9 million pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

To put the energy savings into perspective, the emissions saved annually by this upgrade are enough to power 309 homes for a year. The carbon sequestered will save 1,843 acres of U.S. forests and the water saved is enough to fill 7.6 Olympic size pools annually. It also reduces the yearly consumption of gasoline by 252,064 gallons, which is enough to power 468 passenger vehicles for one year.

"We are so excited to implement these changes on campus. Not only will the upgrades have a positive impact on the student experience; they will also have a tangible impact on the environment,” said Dr. Chris Gill, dean of students. “The construction on campus will also stimulate the local economy, which is a high priority to the College.”

The improvements to campus include increasing efficiency in water, lighting, heating and cooling systems. Upgrades to the water system include implementing over 700 water-saving improvements to faucets, toilets, irrigation systems and ice makers.

Lighting upgrades include replacing or re-lamping 5300 fixtures, adding 200 occupancy sensors and installing over 10,000 fluorescent and LED bulbs.

Three buildings on campus will have new variable refrigerant flow heating and cooling systems installed. Henderson Hall will receive the first overhaul, with construction planned for January. Immediately following that, the upgrade to the Carl Johann Memorial Library begins. Shannon Residence Hall will receive its new system this summer, when there are no residents living in the building.

The updates to campus will save the College $368,000 annually. The savings will be used to cover the cost of the upgrades.

“We decided to make these changes because the older systems were wasting energy, which means we are wasting money,” said Joe Liesen, executive director of administrative systems and services. “Redirecting savings incurred from replacing antiquated systems into new, energy efficient systems will reduce our carbon footprint and begin paying us back after the payback of these new systems.” 

This energy renovation is also estimated to return over $1.7 million to the local economy through labor and other direct costs. HVAC upgrades will be completed by Peters Heating and Air, while electrical upgrades will be done by Wiskirchen Electric of La Grange, Mo. The College is working with Energy Solutions Professionals in this process.