Prepare for a variety of teaching positions from kindergarten through secondary education, depending on the area of certification or endorsement.

Education Specializations:

Elementary Education: Grades 1-6
Secondary Education: Grades 9-12
Early Childhood Education: Birth-Grade 3
Middle School Education: Grades 5-9
Art: Grades K-12
Music: Grades K-12
Physical Education: Grades K-12

Fast Facts:

- Students experience what it is like to teach in a classroom as early as their freshman year in a “simulated classroom” with area school children.
- Students acquire the knowledge to create an effective learning environment by tutoring in a simulated classroom, role-playing, traveling to international schools and participating in professional conferences.
- Learn teaching methods, observe classrooms in action and gain teaching experience.
- All graduates prepare a digital portfolio that demonstrates their beliefs, skills, and best practices.
- Students have the opportunity to participate in professional development days on campus, courtesy of the C-STO teachers' organization and Education Leadership Seminars.


Ann Hammer, Division Chair, Education and Applied Arts
Ph: (573) 288-6438

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