Minors and Specializations

Creative Writing: Coursework includes an introduction of creative writing, fiction and poetry workshops, playwriting, history of the English language or grammar, and a literary magazine practicum.

English: Coursework includes British, American or World literature, history of the English language, and grammar plus nine hours of English electives. For more info, Click Here.

History: Coursework includes the historian's craft, U.S. history, modern world history and nine hours of history electives. For more info, Click Here.

International Studies: This minor is an interdisciplinary approach to issues being confronted by the global community. Coursework includes comparative politics and international relations, and six hours of any single foreign language plus nine hours of electives selected from global business, international corporate finance, world roots of British literature, human geography, minority people and race relations, and a variety of history, political science and religion courses.

Religion and Philosophy: Coursework includes 12 hours of religion courses and six hours of philosophy courses, with no more than 3 hours in internships. For more info, Click Here.

For details on requirements for these minors and courses offered, see the Culver-Stockton Academic Catalog.