Travel Study

Gain an understanding for other cultures and learn a country’s or area’s history first-hand by choosing from dozens of domestic or international courses for a full semester, summer experience or as part of the 3-week study. The 3-week is part of the 12/3 semester calendar, where students take 3-4 classes in a traditional format during the 12-week term, which leaves students open to focus on just one class, internship or Travel Study during the 3-week term.

Upcoming Courses:

Fall 2014:
Belize and Guatemala
- Biology and History
Spring 2015:
Costa Rica - Business
Greece - Religion, Philosophy and Music
Fall 2015:
- Spanish Immersion
Thailand - Education, Culture and Service

Past Courses:

Cuba - Music and Government
Ireland - History and Irish Sports
Paris, London and Dijon - Fine Arts
Belize and Guatemala - Biology and History 
Germany, Austria and Hungary - History
Finland - Education
Costa Rica - Business
Russia and the Baltic States - Music and History

Fast Facts:

- Travel courses are offered in nearly every discipline.
- Often two Divisions pair up and travel together for a multi-disciplinary take on a destination, such as the government and music course in Cuba.
- Students are eligible for Travel Study scholarships, in addition to the $1,500 in C-SC Experiential Vouchers they automatically receive by attending Culver-Stockton.
- The 3-week Travel Study courses are offered for three hours of academic credit.
- Courses combine extensive preparation on campus and thoughtful debriefing upon return.

Financial Aid Awards

Culver-Stockton offers some financial aid opportunities to help students participate in the Travel Study programs during the two 3-week short terms each year. Click Here for more information.


Patrick Hotle, Coordinator of Travel Study Programs
Ph: (573) 288-6394

CLICK HERE to download the Travel Study Handbook.