Student of Promise

Nancy Rocha ’19, a first generation college student from Grandview, Missouri, fell in love with the beautiful campus of Culver-Stockton College and knew it was where she would spend her college career. She received letters from the College during high school and her research confirmed that she wanted to visit. For Rocha, it was the small, friendly atmosphere she encountered during her campus tour that drew her to the College.

Rocha, a psychology major, has immersed herself in college life and is the secretary of the psychology club and a member of the Black Student Union. She really enjoys being part of the mock trial team, has served as an expert witness and was ranked during competitions. Study abroad is one of the most exciting aspects of her college education at Culver-Stockton and she is interested in touring the capitals of Europe as part of the fine arts study-abroad trip.

“I didn’t want to just be in the crowd, passing by,” recalled Rocha. “Here, you can really get involved with everything on campus.”

Rocha gives a lot of credit to her parents who came to the United States for the American opportunity. Her parents taught her to be proud of her heritage and preserve her culture and language by teaching her Spanish and English simultaneously. Rocha remembers that she would speak in “Spanglish,” starting sentences in English and ending in Spanish or vice versa. Being the first person to attend college, Rocha’s family was excited and continues to encourage and support her in her journey.

“I wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for them,” Rocha stressed. “I wouldn’t get the opportunities of going to college, going to graduate school later on, and being able to be successful in my life.”

After college Rocha plans on attending graduate school at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) and is interested in their child advocacy program. She has always loved children and has strong convictions that children need to have a strong foundation from their early stages of life.