Student of Promise

Student of Promise Ben Hooker from Culver-Stockton College on Vimeo.

As soon as Ben Hooker stepped on campus, he knew he had chosen the right college. Despite Culver-Stockton College being a smaller school, Hooker was floored by the overwhelming care and attention from faculty, staff and students. Without delay, he was invited into the camaraderie and began his journey at C-SC.

Ben Hooker is a senior legal studies major from Mount Sterling, Illinois. Hooker spends his time at C-SC exploring government and politics and is constantly driven to fine-tune his passions. Hooker is currently the Student Government president and the chairman for the Young Americans for Freedom group, the C-SC chapter of the national organization. He believes that C-SC provided him with many opportunities to rediscover his already existent passions and discover new interests.

Many of Hooker’s favorite memories are from his exciting move-in days each year. “You’re about to start the year and you’re not always sure what new things are going to happen, but it’s about to begin.” He also enjoys simply participating in lectures from the talented professors on campus.

For prospective students, Hooker detailed several pieces of guidance. Hooker offered “…not only the cliché…” advice to get involved in campus activities but also described the benefits of spending extra time connecting with faculty and fellow classmates. “Get to know not only the friends you do know in class, but make friends with people you wouldn’t always talk to. Get to know everyone you can because there is a camaraderie here.”

Over his college career, Hooker developed the belief that college is four important years of a student’s life and that they shouldn’t get too wrapped up in things that seem important at the time but won’t be significant in the long run. “Push forward because what you do in these four years will be instrumental in how you succeed once you graduate and what you do with the rest of your life,” he explained. “What happens here really does matter.”

“There’s a lot going on at C-SC that you may not be able to put down on the website and it may not show up in statistics or in the financial report.” Hooker believes there is a camaraderie on campus that can only be felt by those who experience it.

“If you ask anyone on campus, I think they’d tell you the same thing.”