Alumni Board Spotlight

Mat Holt '08
Alumni Board President

How many years have you been on the Alumni Board?

What made you interested in being on the Alumni Board?
I had been giving back to Culver-Stockton through advising my fraternity, Delta Upsilon, when I was asked to join the board. I was excited to continue to help the College with my time and talents in any way I could.

What is your favorite thing about being on the Alumni Board?
Serving as the Alumni Board President has been extremely rewarding. We have such a great group of alumni at C-SC and being able to help lead a great small group of alumni has been a distinct pleasure of mine. Being able to serve on the Board of Trustees as the designated Alumni Representative has been the highest honor. Our beloved institution has seen so many changes in the time that I have served. I was able to be part of the comprehensive campaign Culver-Stockton: Changing Lives!, which saw a new residence hall being built to the election of a new president of C-SC. I'm so proud of the faculty and staff at C-SC, it has been so great to see our college grow and maintain financial success of having a balanced budget every year I've been on the Board of Trustees. Great things are happening at C-SC. If you haven't visited lately, you should soon! If you haven't given financially to support C-SC recently, you should and soon! Even small gifts of $10-20 go a long way in supporting the College.

What is your favorite memory at C-SC?
I would have to say that the Summer Alumni Weekends are my favorite memories at C-SC as an alumni. They were so much fun meeting fellow alumni and learning things like playing pickle ball to how to BBQ. As for my memories as a C-SC undergraduate, it would have to be the night that I joined Delta Upsilon. Joining a Greek brotherhood was one of the best decisions of my life. It was so rewarding being part of a brotherhood with such diverse backgrounds. It helped me grow as an individual in more ways than one!