Student Scholarship Fund

Supporting Students Annually

At the start of the 2015-2016 academic year, C-SC reached a record-high enrollment. This meant great things for the College, its students and our alumni, but it also means the need for support is greater than ever. Culver-Stockton does not apply for, nor accept federal or state funding with the exception of funds that students qualify for through a financial aid analysis.
The annual Student Scholarship Fund at Culver-Stockton College supports the scholarship needs of students. Although students receive more than $545,000 from endowed scholarships each year, the gap needed to assist their education is met through the Student Scholarship Fund.
The cost to educate students is covered by tuition, endowed scholarships and by annual donor gifts. With the near record number of students enrolled at Culver-Stockton the need for scholarship support is even greater. 100% of gifts to the Student Scholarship Fund are used to provide scholarships and grants for C-SC students. More than 90% of students at C-SC receive financial aid from the College. Support is necessary to meet the scholarship needs of the students. Gifts have an immediate impact on students. Not only do gifts provide scholarships for the next generation of C-SC students, but they boost our alumni participation rate, which impacts national rankings, perception of value and financial strength and growth.