Fabiola Leadership Academy at Culver-Stockton College

The Fabiola Leadership Academy at Culver-Stockton College provides week-long immersive leadership training for students entering high school. The program encourages participants to grow their talents and apply them to become effective, ethical leaders in their homes, school, and workplace. Attendees will discover their passions through interesting activities while participating in civic engagement and meet student leaders from the tri-state area while learning how to impact their community positively.

The curriculum is inspired by the Moorman Pillars of Leadership and based on the Social Change Model. Components will include Community-based Learning, Personal Leadership, Group Leadership, Leadership for Society, Ethical Leadership, and Teamwork Interaction.

Fabiola Leadership Academy at Culver-Stockton College

Fast Facts

DATE: June 12 - 16, 2023
LOCATION: Culver-Stockton College 
COST: $100* (Includes food, lodging, curriculum & activities) 

Reasons to Attend

  • Log 15 service hours
  • Participate in a pitch competition with monetary prizes 
  • Meet new friends
  • Leadership skills for life

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Ethical Decision Making

  • What is Ethics?
  • Ethics Game: Where Do You Draw the Line?
  • Ethics Simulation: Patient Zero
  • Know the difference between rational, non-rational and irrational decisions
  • Improve your ability to make great decisions


  • Build your communication, cooperation, and social networking skills
  • Team challenges through games and activities
  • Learn the role of TRUST in growing teams
  • Teams in a digital world

Community Based Learning

  • Participate in service learning projects
  • Meet and work alongside local community leaders
  • Identify community opportunities and propose youth-oriented solutions