Student of Promise

Student of Promise Jordan Hahn from Culver-Stockton College on Vimeo.

Jordan Hahn is a junior nursing student from Liberty, Illinois. On campus, Hahn is involved in Greek life by being part of the fraternity Alpha Tau Omega and an RA. In his earlier years, he even participated in the band at Culver-Stockton College. After graduating from C-SC, Hahn plans on gaining some experience and later apply for Nurse Practitioner School.

When asked why he wanted to become a nurse, it was clear that Hahn’s dream had a lot of thought behind it. Hahn explained how his father was also a nurse and detailed a little bit of his father’s struggles to get there; Hahn’s father quit his job to pursue nursing later in life while also raising his children. His father’s passion and dedication for caring for others as well as Hahn’s big heart led him to end up following the same path.

“I knew I wanted to get an education while I was young,” Hahn explained. “I like to take care of people so I really want to do that and not feel like I’m going to work every day. I want it to be me just going to do something I like to do”

Family is very important to Hahn, so while he was searching for a college, he didn’t want to be too far away from home. After vising several colleges a few hours away, none of them seemed to fit. “When I visited, the colleges just didn’t feel right,” Hahn said.

After his father mentioned Culver-Stockton College, Hahn and his family scheduled a visit. Everything seemed to work out perfectly. Hahn talked about the warm welcome and beautiful campus that finally led him to choose C-SC. “Everything just kind of fell into place,” Hahn explained. “It just seemed like everyone was more than willing to do whatever they needed to do to get me feeling comfortable and accepted into the College.”

Hahn said one of his most memorable moments at C-SC was being elected as president of his fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega. “I was very proud and passionate about it,” Hahn explained. “I really wanted to grow the leadership skills that I learned in high school and develop them for the work force.”

To future students, Hahn stressed the importance of getting involved on campus and utilizing the available resources at C-SC. “It’s mind blowing how many resources are available at Culver-Stockton,” Hahn explained. “Being able to swallow your pride and reach out really helps.”

To future nursing students, Hahn also had a very important message to share. “It seems like nursing majors get told they can’t do anything but nursing,” Hahn said. “I’m a nursing major, involved in Greek life, a business minor and an RA on campus. It’s definitely possible for you to do more than just nursing.”