Economic & Workforce Strategies

This task force is created to evaluate and assist in implementing strategies for growth in all areas of economic development including job creation, workforce development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Recognizing that economic developers must be champions for their communities, this task force would highlight best practices, collaborate when appropriate, and work together to attract industry and workforce investment from outside of the region.

Legislative Concerns

This task force would be devoted to evaluating and studying the nuances of proposed and pending legislation impacting the tri-state region, the potential outcomes and opportunities, and the ways in which communities can respond.

Marketing our Tri-State Region

This task force would assist in developing media and marketing initiatives to promote the region, its desirability, and the vast opportunities available here.

Regional Health & Wellbeing

This task force will address access to quality health and mental health services in the region, promote innovative solutions to healthcare gaps, share best practices among rural serving health organizations, and promote quality of life initiatives throughout the region.

Rivers & River Development

The Rivers & River Development Task Force will focus on securing updates and funding resources to sustain safe and responsible development along the river, ports, and projects integral to our manufacturing, agricultural and tourism economies.

Rural Revitalization & Placemaking

This task force will tackle discussions, projects, and programs that work to create inviting and accessible communities including talent recruitment and retention, education, housing, rural access to essential services and technology, attracting new families and businesses, and downtown investments.


An original part of the Tri-State Development Summit and highly successful in the past, this task force would continue to focus on the issues concerning highway improvements and road safety, bridges, rail systems, and airports.

The Tri-State Development Summit is pleased to announce two additional stakeholder gatherings for this next program year.

Tri-State Development Roundtable for Rural Elected Officials

The Rural Elected Officials Roundtable was created in response to an expressed need among new, current, and future rural elected officials to learn from experts and one another on how best to assist with economic, workforce, and community development in their community. The roundtable discussions will include informational presentations followed by open discussion about challenges and achievements. This roundtable is geared toward rural elected officials (example: mayors, city council members, city assessors, city clerks, etc.) but open to any tri-state regional stakeholder.

Tri-State Development Higher Ed Consortium

The Tri-State Development Higher Ed Consortium brings together academic leadership from across the region to work together to assist in addressing important regional concerns. The purpose of the consortium is to align academic resources to help fuel academic research and participation in community-focused activities and initiatives.