Additional Scholarships & Awards

These awards are available for first-year and transfer students.

Fine Arts Scholarship

All students skilled in the areas of music, marching band, art, and theatre are encouraged to audition, regardless of intended major. Eligibility: Students must participate in an audition/evaluation exhibiting their talent to C-SC faculty.

Athletic Scholarships

Athletic awards are available to students with outstanding athletic ability or potential and based on recommendation by the coach of the respective sport. Each award varies and is renewable as participation continues and on recommendation of the sport's coach. Student-athletes are encouraged to participate in other campus programs should they meet the established criteria. All prospective student-athletes should complete an athletic interest form, available from the Admission Office. C-SC is affiliated with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and is a member of the Heart of America Athletic Conference.

Legacy Award

If at least one of the student's parents, grandparents or siblings have attended Culver-Stockton College full-time for one semester or more, the student may be eligible for a $1,000 award.

Disciples Scholarship

A renewable scholarship of $1,000 may be awarded to students who are members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). A minimum $1,000 scholarship may be awarded based on eligibility and availability of funding. In addition to the $1,000 minimum award, the college may match the church's contribution from a scholarship fund up to an additional $500 (a maximum award from the college of $1,500). Eligibility: Application and signed covenant required.

Opportunity Grant

The Culver-Stockton College Opportunity Grant is designed to provide an affordable education by awarding financial resources to students based on the following eligibility criteria.  The college is proud to award Opportunity Grants to students of promise from Lewis & Clark Counties from Missouri.

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Additional Talent Scholarships

E-Sport Scholarships are available to students with talent and experience in e-sport games who wish to become a part of our competition team. For more information, reach out to your Admission Counselor.

Shotgun Shooting Scholarships are available to students with experience and talent in shotgun competitive shooting. For more information, reach out to your Admission Counselor.

Travel Study Grant

The Travel Study Grant program is designed to help students take advantage of the many experiential courses offered as part of the Culver-Stockton curriculum. Students may accrue up to $1,500 in travel study grants during their four years to use toward payment of any special fees associated with domestic or international travel courses.