Together We Can Advance your employee workforce skills

Are you an employer or human resources professional who would like to learn more about connecting with Culver-Stockton College to offer a tuition discount for your employees? Culver-Stockton wants to collaborate with companies and organizations that demonstrate a commitment to the professional development of their employees by making higher education more accessible and affordable.

Establishing and organizational discount agreement with Culver-Stockton College is completely free and we offer your employees 10% TUITION DISCOUNT for educational opportunities with our undergraduate and graduate degrees that cultivate advanced skills and analytical capabilities. To your employees, knowledge represents growth, empowerment, and possible advancement. To you, it means building a stronger, more effective team.

To learn more about how to enter into an Organizational Discount Agreement with C-SC, contact

Are you a full-time employee with one of the organizations on this list? Check out our online undergraduate programs or graduate programs below and apply today! Make sure you include the name of your employer on your application so we can provide you with a 10% TUITION DISCOUNT.

Flexible programs for working professionals Move Forward.

Graduate & Professional Studies