The Moorman Professorship is provided through the generous support of The Moorman Foundation and supports the academic activities of an outstanding leader at Culver-Stockton College who embraces the philosophy of a free market economy. The Moorman Professor exemplifies the highest standard of dedication to student experience and understanding of the importance of economic, legal, and ethical principles of a free society.

The Professorship

The Moorman Professorship at Culver-Stockton College is a featured designation of excellence for the faculty holder and a signal to the academic community, as well as the regional community, the importance of informing and engaging emerging future leaders on the value of a free-market society, entrepreneurship, and strong personal character.

Named professorships represent the hallmark of an exceptional academic institution. Naming a distinguished member of our faculty as The Moorman Professor enables Culver-Stockton College to recognize a notable member of our faculty whose contributions in free-enterprise systems and expertise in teaching translate to a demonstrated passion for educating the next generation of business leaders.

Academic Importance

The Moorman Professorship provides vital resources to Culver-Stockton College to build and advance the Division of Business, Education, and Law while also implementing engaging, community-focused programs and projects. The Moorman Professorship provides a margin of excellence for faculty leaders to truly invest in their programs, students, activities, and curriculum.

Honors of distinction such as the Moorman Professorship allow us to enrich the academic environment. The Moorman Professorship activities will initiate new, interdisciplinary, creative opportunities for our students, create occasions for impact and collaboration within the community, and assist in establishing sustainable educational program initiatives.

Student Impact

Culver-Stockton College is committed to the idea that real learning and true understanding occur when students are provided knowledge through hands-on problem-solving. When students are provided the ability to problem-solve with professors of distinction who are focused on providing deep experiences in a particular field of expertise, students take on additional focus in the discipline, learning from real-world innovation and discovery. This experiential learning model is the cornerstone of our curriculum. Culver-Stockton College is known as the premier college for experiential learning in the Midwest.

Students will gain valuable insights from industry experts and leaders, tackle challenging free enterprise topics and projects, and learn global perspectives.

Activities and experiences supported by the Moorman Professorship will enhance curriculum, generate discussion and provide for a deeper understanding of the basic economic, ethical, and legal principles of a free society. The impact of the Moorman Professorship will be recognized throughout the region as interdisciplinary teams of faculty and students engage with industry throughout the tri-state area.