Culver-Stockton College's unique curriculum provides countless real-world learning opportunities for students. Coupled with our distinctive 12-week + 3-week academic semester calendar, our hands on approach to learning equips C-SC students with skills they can use as soon as they graduate in the workplace and throughout their lives. Our academics are rooted in real-world lessons. Students have numerous opportunities to experience leadership, professional experience, research & innovation, service learning, simulations, travel study and visual/performing arts. During a student’s time on "the Hill" their learning will set them up for true success in life.

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Experiential Learning at C-SC

The Culver-Stockton curriculum consists of several components which come together to make the College a truly exceptional educational establishment for students to excel, grow and learn. Find out more by clicking the wheel below.

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The areas that make C-SC's approach to education distinctive are:


C-SC has taken the typical 15-week semester and divided it into a 12-week term and a 3-week term, allowing for more experiential learning while students focus on fewer classes at once.


C-SC works with a growing number of corporations, organizations and community partners to provide students with endless internship possibilities, during all parts of the academic year and summer terms. For more info, Click Here.


Graduate-level research is available to our students as early as freshman year. For example, students have the option to complete genomics work with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. For more info, Click Here.


Our students learn the importance of improving the world around them. Service Learning at C-SC starts the first week of school with the annual Extreme Dome Makeover and continues on through many other meaningful projects.


With more than 50 student organizations, eight Greek organizations and 17 varsity sports, our student population has plenty of opportunities to lead. For more info, Click Here.


C-SC takes learning out of the classroom and into the world. During the 3-week term, students can travel with their whole class, including professors, and not worry about any other classes. For more info, Click Here.


C-SC recreates real world situations under controlled environments for students to learn by experiencing. Examples include the nursing simulation lab and historic role-playing activities.


C-SC encourages students to pursue unique projects tailored to their personal interests. Our students can even create their own majors.