Helping Others Find Happiness

What could be more interesting than understanding the brain and the science behind why people behave the way that they do? The psychology major is an intersection between working with people and delving into research to understand them. One of the greatest strengths of a psychology degree is the enormous variety of career paths that are available to graduates. The demand for psychological services in schools, hospitals, substance abuse treatment centers and social services agencies is expected to fuel the demand for trained professionals. You will learn about the mind and how it works to prepare you for one of these careers.

The C-SC Difference

Our goal is to prepare you for immediate entry into the job market or graduate school. You can expect individual attention, a focus on improving research, speaking and writing skills and a variety of out-of-class opportunities in which to learn and explore the field such as research, internships, travel courses, conferences and Psychology Club. Our professors are always available to talk to, assist with course material and help with career planning.

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I think we have the most amazing professors who really want you to succeed. They take the extra time. You can go to them for anything. Not just Psychology, not just school, but they truly care about you and they want you to do well.

– Taryn Brown

What can I do with a Psychology Degree?

Mental Health Counseling Centers
Child Advocacy
Forensic psychology
Sports psychology
Clinical psychology
Hospitals and Business Settings
Employment of psychologists is expected to grow at a rate of about

19% through the year 2024

according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics

Beyond the Classroom

  • Student Experiences
    • Psychology Club
    • Psi Chi Honor Society
  • Professional Experiences
    • Exploratory and professional internships
    • Travel Study courses domestically and internationally such as Disney World, Orlando, Florida (Adaptive Technology and Psychology of Marketing), California: (Psychology of Cults), Washington DC (Missing and Exploited Children, Ghana, Africa (The Eating Experience), Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam (Psychology of Culture), Washington, DC: Missing and Exploited Children

Information About Our Minors

Our minor in Psychology pairs well with any major that connects closely with people and their behaviors such as Business and Marketing. We also offer a minor in Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) that adheres to the National Child Protection Training Center standards. Our CAST faculty have years of experience in the child welfare field as practitioners and as trainers.

Psychology majors often take a minor in Sociology but can also benefit from a minor in Business or in many of our liberal arts fields.