The Peer Tutoring Program at Culver-Stockton College

We are committed to ensuring that every student at Culver-Stockton College has the resources needed to achieve success in the classroom. Peer tutoring is offered at no charge as an academic resource for those who may need some reinforced learning in a class, a specific concept within a class, or who simply want to take extra steps to excel. Peer tutoring can help maximize your academic potential.

The Peer Tutoring Program is a free resource for all C-SC students located in the west wing of the library as the Tutoring and Academic Success Center (TASC).

Peer Tutoring Program

Available Services

  • Tutoring for specific academic disciplines and general education courses
  • To receive assistance with study and test-taking skills, time management and note-taking strategies
  • To assist with writing and the use of the various styles of composition – APA, MLA, etc.
  • Sessions available as 1:1 or in a group

Is Peer Tutoring for You?

  • Are you attending class regularly, but feel like you are falling behind and missing important concepts?
  • Would you like help in reviewing material and preparing for an exam?
  • Is there a concept or problem presented in class that’s still a little fuzzy?
  • Are you struggling academically in one or more of your classes?
  • Are you are doing well, but want to enhance your understanding of the material?

Appointments Made Easy

  • Set appointments by text, phone or email and meet in our library center, or even virtually
  • If you start your homework and need some extra help, there are other students ready to help you work through your assignments during evening hours
  • We respect your privacy and appointments are confidential!

Do YOU Have Expertise?

We are always looking for tutors and this can be a great on-campus position. And while the tutoring is free, you get paid when you tutor. It’s another way the college is INVESTING in your success. You play an important role in elevating the academic success of others. If you are interested, stop by the TASC and submit your application.