Premier Experiential Learning College in the Midwest

Committed to Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the distinctive element of a Culver-Stockton College educational experience. The college's commitment to experiential learning is reflected in our mission statement and embedded into our curriculum. In fact, we do this so well, we are known for it!

Go Beyond "Hands-on" Experiences

At Culver-Stockton experiential learning goes far beyond just “hands-on” experiences, it explores the why’s and the how’s of situations, emerging opportunities, and what’s at stake. Beyond this, there is the solution and our students know how to find it. Here at Culver-Stockton College, we differentiate ourselves by allowing our students to make a difference now. Evaluating problems with the distinct purpose of designing a solution is what you’ll find here.

Premier Experiential Learning College in the Midwest

Our students are provided with unique projects that yield marketable, practiced and applied skills; skills that employers are looking for, creating a distinct advantage for our graduates.

Distinct Experiences

Experiential Learning at Culver-Stockton College is comprised of seven distinct experiences. Together, these experiences develop students into change-makers, learners into leaders and thinkers into scholars who make an impact.


We know leadership develops both in and out of our C-SC classrooms. Our faculty regularly offer courses to hone your skills and understanding of leadership techniques and qualities. You can put those skills to work in our more than 50 student organizations, nine Greek organizations, and 19 varsity sports available to C-SC students. But leadership isn’t just about participation. Here at C-SC, leadership is about identifying opportunities for improvement and taking the initiative to implement change. Leadership is about understanding why a problem may exist and then designing a solution to make it better. Leadership is personal and developed by thinking strategically, taking responsibility, doing big things, and finding your voice. Leaders are nurtured here!

Anna Stock

Something I’ve learned about leadership here is that it’s not the role that you’re in, it’s the effort you make reaching out to people around you, and being someone that people can look up to.

– Anna Stock '19

Creative Expression

Students at C-SC are encouraged to pursue projects tailored to their personal interests. Students can pursue their creative side in the fine arts, music, theater, and creative writing. They even have the ability to design their own majors. C-SC’s flexible and immersive curriculum allows students to thoroughly explore their interests. Students are allowed to apply these interests in creative ways with their studies, activities, and development. In such an ever-changing world, developing a creative mindset prepares students to be open-minded and think outside of the box. Exploring different areas of study during your time on “the Hill” isn’t just possible, it’s encouraged!

Hali Liles

Culver-Stockton really has learning down to a science. Every class I take, professors are accommodating, and they make full use of important teachable moments. Classes here are memorable.

– Hali Liles '19

Service Learning

Students at Culver-Stockton learn the importance of improving the world through service learning, which starts during the first week of school with the annual Everyone Doing More project and continues throughout their time on “the Hill.” By working together to impact the community, students develop civic engagement skills, organizational and interpersonal skills, and gain important insights into cultural diversity. Within C-SC’s structure of service-learning, every individual’s contribution counts, and makes for a more meaningful educational experience.

Madison Lawless

The service learning I have done at Culver-Stockton helped broaden my horizons to try new things and really be involved in a community.

– Madison Lawless '21

Simulated Learning Experiences

Simulations have the potential to create lasting, sustainable imprints on understanding. Culver-Stockton recreates realistic situations under controlled environments for students to learn. Application of knowledge is where simulations make a difference. From nursing to business, psychology, and history, students are engaged with simulation-style courses.

Lisa Bohan

I just want to tell everyone that every penny counts. I really want to keep giving back so that other students can have great experiences like I did.

– Lisa (Button) Bohan '14, MBA '18

Travel Experiences

It’s a great big world out there! We are educating our students with global perspectives as our world becomes increasingly dependent on cross-cultural relationships and economies. Traveling forces students out of their comfort zones, exposes them to different food, cultures, and communities. Employers increasingly value graduates with educational travel experiences because it demonstrates a willingness to think beyond your own experiences. In an increasingly global society, experiencing different cultures and backgrounds is vital for personal and professional development. We believe in the value of travel experiences so much that we’ve built it into the curriculum!

Aaron Foster

My perspective of everything is different now. I appreciate what I have and where I come from. I’m not quick to judge someone else. I want to learn where they’re coming from. Everyone has a story. (Living abroad has) really opened my eyes personally and professionally.

– Aaron Foster '12


Graduate-level research is available to C-SC students as early as freshman year. Research is essential to a student’s growth and critical thinking abilities. These opportunities challenge students and allow them to explore subjects that they otherwise would never have been able to study. Research is fundamental in many educational and professional fields and at C-SC students can be sure their research skills will be tested and improved.

Sulai Qanni

There are no guarantees that your research will be fruitful, but it will always be worth your while. When doing research, I’ve learned what’s most important in order to yield the best results. You must be patient, calm, stoic and most importantly, optimistic.

– Sulaiman Qanni '20

Internships and Professional Experiences

C-SC works with corporations, organizations, and community partners to provide students with internship possibilities that are available during the academic year and summer term. Students who work in a professional setting during their time at Culver-Stockton graduate ready to tackle challenges. Internships develop professional aptitude, strengthen skills, develop personal character, and open doors to future opportunities.

Daniel Smith

Having a required internship is good. It motivates you to get out there and get relevant experience in your field. The experience I’ve gained from C-SC and my internship will benefit me greatly.

– Daniel Smith '18