The Right Start Focused on Success from the Beginning

First-Year Experience (FYE) at Culver-Stockton College provides all first-year students with intellectual, academic, and social transition to higher education. Students in this course are united by a shared interest which will serve as a catalyst for intellectual pursuit, developing academic success skills, making connections campus-wide, and adjusting to collegiate expectations. As a component of FYE, students are connected through learning communities which provide peer-to-peer support as they navigate their new journey on "the Hill."

Connecting the Classroom to the Real World

This list of goals is a short list of objectives will be obtained through their FYE course, which takes place their first semester on campus.

  • Understanding of the commitment and work ethic necessary for collegiate success
  • Familiarity with C-SC services, electronic resources and student involvement opportunities
  • Building skills for academic success – studying, note taking and test taking
  • Strengthen fundamental life skills – critical thinking, stress and time management and self-discipline
  • Gain pride for C-SC while exploring its policies, procedures and academic expectations
  • Define personal career goals/possibilities and what is required to achieve them
  • Articulate ideas in writing accurately, efficiently and effectively through journaling and class assignments
  • Use writing to think, learn and communicate while building confidence
  • Become acquainted with Canton and the C-SC community