Learning Together In and Out of the Classroom

Start Your Journey

We are committed to providing an enriching and meaningful college adventure! All first-year students at Culver-Stockton College have the unique experience of being placed in a learning community to jump-start your journey as a Culver-Stockton scholar. These learning communities create an immediate peer group that is focused on an area of your interest. Over the course of your first year, you will take three classes as a cohort, allowing you to form friendships and a study group that can last all four years. The classes will help you grow intellectually, academically and socially.

Group Courses

Our Learning Communities include a FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE course that helps integrate you into the overall college experience as part of our Wildcat family. You and fellow community members study a shared interest while developing your academic skills and making campus-wide connections. Typically the second class is an INTRODUCTION TO EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING course exploring one of seven areas emphasizing hands-on learning and problem-solving.

Big Ideas

Learning Communities are more than taking classes together. It is a shared experience in a range of co-curricular and social activities.

Each learning community is centered around a big idea, allowing you to dig deeply into an area of your interest. We want you to consider BIG IDEAS from multiple perspectives and draw connections between your different classes, as well as your experiences outside of the classroom.

Sample Learning Communities


including leadership styles, innovation, mentoring, creating a vision for the future, motivating and inspiring others and participating in community action and engagement

Civic Engagement

including interacting with the local community to understand, engage with and work to solve social problems, both locally and globally

Creative Thinking

including exploring a wide range of approaches to critical engagement, outside-the-box innovation and artistic expression in a variety of genres and mediums


with a holistic focus that includes physical health and wellness, as well as emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being