Spiritual Life at C-SC

At Culver-Stockton College, we align higher learning with a higher purpose. By nurturing an environment that integrates service to others, social responsibility, and spiritual growth with academic study, we create a vibrant community that promotes the development of a well-rounded experience that cares for the heart, soul, and mind.

Culver-Stockton College is founded in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) tradition, which has served as the College’s spiritual foundation since its founding in 1853. In keeping with the identity statement of the Disciples of Christ, we envision the College as a place where people of all faith backgrounds treat one another with care and respect and actively pursue a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.

Mission Statement

The mission of Spiritual Life at Culver-Stockton College is to sustain the spirit of the College's heritage as a College of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), by providing a caring and supportive environment in which students examine their faith, discover a deep sense of their being and express it by sharing their gifts. Spiritual Programming is guided by the College Chaplain, in partnership with the College's Ministry Council.

Office of the Chaplain at C-SC

Mandy Tarpening
Culver-Stockton Chaplain

Faith Focused Activities & Programming

Everyone Doing More

At the beginning of each academic year, the College hosts Everyone Doing More. This is a day-long activity that brings groups of students, faculty and staff together to participate in service projects in our community. This tradition of serving others helps to create bonds with one another and provide perspective on our journey of growth.

Service Learning Trips

Locations and leadership of service-learning trips change every year, depending on availability of leaders and in-country hosts. Many of our 3-week experiential learning trips include a service component designed to address real needs.

  • All-Campus Assemblies (Thanksgiving, Advent and Lent)
  • Disciples on Campus (DoC)
  • Religion Courses (through the Division of Humanities)
  • Robison Lectures
  • Service-Learning Travel
  • Campus Worship
  • Care Mail
  • Interfaith Programming

Disciples Scholars Program

The missions of faith-based institutions are uniquely powerful in advancing social justice, advocating for the vulnerable, and providing opportunity for deep reflection and commitment to a greater calling in all areas of training and education. Culver-Stockton College is a Christian college dedicated to the preparation of undergraduate and graduate students for thoughtful and productive lives of Christian faith, leadership and service.

Culver-Stockton College aspires to be a transformative Christian community and are in a unique position to be particularly effective in our work of serving local communities and preserving a global good precisely because of our faith-informed and motivated missions. Our goal is to graduate students prepared not only for careers but to live lives of purpose, bringing unity to a fragmented world through a commitment to justice and reconciliation.

We encourage students of all faith backgrounds to be challenged in their faith, to ask compelling questions, and to pursue the answers. We aspire to provide real-life experiences for dynamic, faith-led service.