Telling the C-SC Story Through student-led communication

Individuals retain more information when the content is tangible and includes action, which is why we are committed to providing our students with countless opportunities to capture their own experiences. Regardless of major, all students are invited to participate in a variety of media works, overseen by faculty and guided by students. Employers are seeking candidates who can effectively disseminate information and these publications provide students with tools needed to learn story-telling skills in an ever-changing world.

Wildcat Wire

News today is accessible at one’s fingertips and updated continuously, which is represented by the Wildcat Wire, a one-stop source for all C-SC student-led media productions.

Wildcat Wire content is written by students to provide C-SC news, arts & entertainment, opinion, PopCats, Harmony, Features, Megaphone, Sports, KATZtv, and multimedia.


C-SC’s student newspaper The MegaPhone has been printed since 1919 and features happenings on “the Hill” relevant to students. Layout, design, photo and narrative are provided by students and overseen by a faculty member. The newspaper is printed and distributed once per semester on campus.


A literary and arts magazine, Harmony showcases works as told by current Wildcats including students, faculty, and staff. This colorful publication is filled with paintings, drawings, photos, and other works of art and the stories behind each piece. Originally published and printed annually.


Located on SoundCloud, C-SC produces two student-directed podcasts available for streaming. PodCats provides a behind the scenes look at Wildcat Athletics throughout various competitive seasons. This podcast includes interviews with players, coaches, and administrators concerning the ins and outs of our athletic teams. PodCats can be streamed here.

The "On the Hill" podcast focuses on campus issues, important announcements and student life at C-SC. Previous content has featured interviews about new programs, presidential retirements and life of a college student in a small town.

Wildcat Network

If you have aspirations of becoming a sports journalist then the Wildcat Network is a great fit for you! Full game coverage for all Wildcat Athletic competitions while providing practical experiences in broadcasting can be found on the Wildcat Network.