For more than 100 years, members of the C-SC community have been proud Wildcats. The name was chosen by students in 1920 after being suggested by coach and athletic director, Oscar Doran. Prior to 1920, we were simply known as the Blue and White.

Wildcat Willie

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of our beloved mascot Wildcat Willie, who arrived on campus in Spring 1996. Before Willie, there were two college mascots--Blue Max and Blue Maxine. Max was unveiled in Fall 1983 and Maxine joined him in Spring 1986.

Ringing the Victory Bell

We all love a Wildcat win! You’ll feel the school spirit when you watch our sports teams stop by the front of Charles Field House to ring our victory bell after defeating an opponent on the gridiron, the court or the field. There are many fun memories of students, faculty, and administrators waiting on teams to return from a hard fought, faraway victory to ring the bell as everyone applauds.

Go Wildcats! (Clap Clap)

When we say Go Wildcats, we do it with school pride and intention! We don’t just say it, we feel it and want to make sure that everyone knows we mean it! That’s why when we say GO WILDCATS we always follow it with two claps in quick succession - it doesn’t matter if you say it solo or part of a crowd - GO WILDCATS, CLAP CLAP!


The tradition of the bagpipers ushering in our new class in the fall and ushering out our graduates in the spring is a wonderful memory that brings the students full circle from the start to the end of their time on campus. Whether bagpipe music is your vibe or not, you’ll come to revel in their nostalgic sound as the notes lift over the hill and straight into each Wildcat heart and memory.

The bagpipers that welcome the students upon their arrival at Matriculation and usher them out at Commencement are my favorite tradition. Not only do they strike the perfect balance between the joy and solemnity of the occasions, but the idea of bookending the college years by their tunes is, to me, quite poetic.

– Dr. Esa Seegulam


After 20 years, the Saturday festival on the hill is still one of the favorite days for our students, faculty and community members. Ushering in warmer days of spring on "the Hill", Hillstock sets the stage for a laid-back vibe perfect for gathering with friends to listen to music from our own students as well as professional musicians who join us for the day. The quad provides a backdrop for endless games of corn hole and hillbilly golf and building memories that last a lifetime.

My favorite part of the year was always Hillstock. I loved sitting outside listening to music all day, and being around my friends. It's a great event to cap off the school year.

– Emma Baker

Walking Around the Seal

The Culver-Stockton College seal is encased in the walkway to the northeast of the Gladys Crown Student Union. In sun, rain, sleet or snow, students, faculty and staff don’t dare walk on the seal, but carefully step around it - we love our C-SC! (and we want to avoid a curse of bad luck).

Riverfront Gatherings

Off campus, the most famous (or infamous) spot to gather for C-SC students is along the wall at the Mississippi river front. When alumni return, there are often texts and emails setting up meetings back at the riverfront for reminiscing about "the Hill".

Greek Serenades

The Greek houses have long shared their songs with one another on special nights when they stroll from house to house and sing to their fellow Greeks on campus. Who doesn’t like to be serenaded?

Matriculation Ceremony

The first official ceremony honoring each individual as a Culver-Stockton student is putting pen in hand and signing into our matriculation book as an official Wildcat. The location of the ceremony has varied, but most recently has been held on the steps of Johnson Hall. Welcome to the Hill, Wildcats!

Haunted Campus

So many students have "heard" the ghosts in Johnson Hall, Herrick, the Black Box Theatre, and the Carl Johann Memorial Library. Our historical hilltop is the perfect backdrop for the legends of Culver-Stockton spirits and stories that continue to grow with each retelling.

Greek Calldowns

The shrieking of excited sorority sisters welcoming new members and the antics of the fraternity men are wonderful memories for all our students. In recent years, the addition of music and smoke machines help build the excitement before each name is called out.

Choir and Band Tours

Loading up on buses and traveling to churches and schools to perform each year is recalled by many of our fine arts students. These trips offer an educationally rich musical experience balanced with the fun of exploring a new place, always resulting in rich stories of meeting alumni and being housed in churches along the way. Busloads of fine arts students don’t happen without at least a little bit of drama - right?

Willie Awards

The coveted awards show was created and directed by our communications’ students, recognizing our community in an amazing variety of ways such as "best teacher", "best dressed", "best fan", and "top athlete". Of course, being named Mr. or Ms. Willie is the most coveted award. A fun night when everyone dresses as though headed out to the Oscars. And the winner is...

Thanksgiving Dinner

Be sure to arrive early! Faculty and Staff come together to serve a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to the students. This tradition provides students leaving the Dining Hall with a full stomach and lots of memories created with faculty, staff, and friends. This is a time to celebrate the conclusion of the Fall 12-week and be thankful for all there is to offer!

One of my favorite C-SC traditions is the Thanksgiving Dinner! It allows you to decompress from the Fall 12-week schedule and spend time with friends, while professors and staff volunteer their time to serve students a Thanksgiving meal. It's a reminder that we really are one big Culver-Stockton family!

– Ryan Gibson

Bid Day

On this day aspiring sorority women finally get to run "home" to their respective sorority house and be embraced by their new found sisters. The shrieks of sorority women welcoming their new sisters can be heard throughout the campus. Bid Day is a celebration of being welcomed into a sisterhood and the beginning of life long friendships and sisterhood.

Sorority bid day is by far my favorite tradition on "the Hill." It is full of celebration for all of the new members entering the Greek community. There is so much happiness and joy on campus that day!

– Lexie Gordanier


If you are going to live at the top of a gigantic hill, then you might want to be ready to take advantage of scientific experiments and gaining knowledge like how fast a person can travel down the hill in the snow on various sledding devices... - a completely legitimate, independent study question of course...sshhhhhh. Today Student Life provides sleds to checkout at no charge, but we all remember when dining hall trays had to be hidden in backpacks to provide the ride.

C-SC Leads

Student Leaders across campus come together to participate in the annual C-SC Leads Conference. Students get the chance to connect with alumni, learn more about how to better themselves as future leaders, and also enjoy a luncheon with alumni!


For me, there is no campus tradition quite like Homecoming. That weekend, the campus pulses with a unique energy. The Hill is always dressed to the nines for the occasion, crowded with blue and white, and fully alive with the spirit of the place. I adore catching up with former students and hearing about their achievements and adventures. It is a welcome annual celebration of renewal and returns that brings the past, present, and future of the college together. For me, Homecoming best brings to life two lines of the C-SC Centennial Hymn, reminding us all that "Grateful and loyal are thy sons and daughters, while we our lives with happiness may gild."

– Dr. Scott Giltner