All that Jazz

Do you want to inspire and guide generations of young minds in the field of music? Are you passionate about music and want to motivate others to perform and love music like you? Then music education is a great fit for you. Whether you want to teach elementary music or conduct a band or choir, music education at Culver-Stockton will prepare you for your teaching career.

The C-SC Difference

Incoming students have the opportunity to perform in any of our many bands and choirs as a freshman regardless of major. From your freshman year, you will be placed in a classroom or a school district to observe and learn about your future career. In your sophomore and junior years, you will not only observe but begin to practice with short lessons in two more schools. During your senior year, you will be placed into a student-teacher position where you will be able to work under a cooperating teacher and gain confidence to take the first step into your future teaching career. Students will also have opportunities to lead small ensembles and rehearsals. Those interested in music technology have the opportunity to take coursework and lessons from day one giving them access to our state-of-the-art recording studios and music technology lab. Our faculty includes national award-winning conductors and ensemble directors, performers sought throughout the Midwest and nation, and experts in music education frequently presenting at state conferences and directing regional honor ensembles.

Member of the National Association of Schools of Music
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The teachers here are very caring and they really do want to see us succeed as well as perform. They are going to see us succeed in the classroom but also see us succeed performance-wise.

– Kar’Mel Brewer

Art Galleries & Venues

Alexander Campbell Auditorium

Alexander Campbell Auditorium

Alexander Campbell Auditorium is a proscenium theatre built in 1966 with a seating capacity of more than 900. The auditorium is used for musicals and larger theatre productions.

Mabee Gallery

Mabee Art Gallery

The Mabee Art Gallery can be found on the main level of the Herrick Foundation Center. The gallery extends up into a second story balcony overlooking the main floor which features the center jump circle from the original basketball court previously housed in the building. The gallery hosts shows from renowned regional and national artists, faculty exhibits, and student honor and senior shows.

Mabee Little Theatre

Mabee Little Theatre

Mabee Little Theatre is a flexible seating "Black Box" experimental theatre, used for theatre department productions and student-directed productions. It is housed in the lower level of the Alexander Campbell Auditorium.

Merillat Recital Hall

Merillat Recital Hall

Merillat Recital Hall is a 225-seat area used for the opera workshop, student recitals, and other events.

What can I do with a Music Education Degree?

High School Choir teacher
Elementary Music teacher
Middle School Choral Director
Middle School Band Director
High School Orchestra Director
High School Band Director


3+2 M.Ed. Program

Begin your Master of Education degree as early as your junior year.

Beyond the Classroom

  • Student Experiences
    • Culver-Stockton Student Teacher Organization (CSTO)
    • National Association for Music Education – Collegiate
    • Music Student Advisory Council
    • Sigma Phi Zeta (music honor society)
    • Signature Sounds (music tech club)
    • A cappella Clubs – C-S Singers (non-auditioned) and Ocho (auditioned)
    • Arts Abroad (international travel course housed within FALA division)
    • Musical ensembles
  • Professional Experiences
    • Freshman through Junior Classroom Observations
    • Student teaching in your senior year
    • Multiple vocal and instrumental performances each year
    • Internships with professional production companies, music houses and independent producers (music tech)

Information About Our Minors

Music Tech Minor: Music tech minors take the complete music technology sequence designed for the majors without the many additional music-specific courses. It compliments other digital majors like graphic design, marketing, communications, web design, technical theater, etc. and can be added to a music education major to round out their knowledge base.

Music Therapy: We have helped prepare several students for graduate studies in music therapy. Oftentimes students will major in music education with a minor in psychology, or double major in music (BA) and psychology.

Pairs well with minors in Art, Communication, Psychology, Criminal Justice, English, History, Music, and Finance majors. The opportunities build confidence in communicating that is vital to many degree holders.