Where You Make the Impossible – Simple

Watching eyes light up as a student grasps a difficult math concept is a magic moment, and as a teacher of mathematics you will make this happen. Breaking down problems and creatively helping your students find ways to solve problems will make you their hero. Your world will be filled with creating exciting lesson plans to demystify a subject that can be intimidating. This will be your super power as a middle school or high school math teacher.

The C-SC Difference

You will enjoy small class sizes at Culver-Stockton, many taught by a professor who has devoted his studies to understanding how students learn. You will be in the classroom as early as your freshman year observing an experienced teacher and his or her techniques. During your sophomore and junior years, you will take the next step and begin to present mini-lessons to students under the watchful eye of a master teacher. Finally, your senior year you will have the opportunity to put what you have learned in both your mathematics and education classes to the test through your student teaching experience. During these four years, you will be in four school systems working with four different master teachers to fully prepare you for your first teaching position.

Math isn’t just about numbers and equations, it’s about understanding. This is exactly what the math department here at Culver-Stockton College has taught me to do, further understand mathematics.

– Miranda Young ’19

What can I do with a Mathematics Education Degree?

High School or Middle School Teacher
Curriculum Developer

3+2 M.Ed. Program

Begin your Master of Education degree as early as your junior year.

Beyond the Classroom

  • Student Experiences
    • Culver-Stockton Student Teaching Organization (CSTO)
    • Peer Tutoring
    • Undergraduate Research
  • Professional Experiences
    • Classroom Observations (freshman through junior years)
    • Student Teaching (senior year)
    • Travel Study courses to Guatemala, Vietnam, Peru and Italy
    • Professional education conferences