You will find your Passion!

If you are entering college unsure of your final destination and degree, rest assured you are in good company. We have the resources, direction and support to help you in your journey to discovering your future career. We believe entering as an undeclared major is a smart choice because it opens many possibilities for you to explore.

  • Your courses will expose you to a variety of disciplines that will help you find the right area of study
  • You will not fall behind your peers who come in with a major declared for two main reasons:
    • We have a broad-based general education program that every student will be taking. It supports all of our majors, but can help you find a discipline that really excites you for the future
    • Many students who enter with a declared major change their minds and find their major at the exact same time as undeclared majors
  • Your faculty adviser will listen to you and talk with you about your educational journey so you will find a major that fits – you will find a major before you graduate!
  • You can enroll in an exploratory internship as early as your second semester at the college to try out a potential future career
  • You can use our abundant supporting resources within our career center to explore your own interests as well as provide solid information about different career choices

If you or your parents are nervous, remember that research has shown that students who enter college as undeclared tend to graduate and are employed at a slightly higher rate than their counterparts who enter with a predetermined major. You will be just fine as an undeclared major.

Determine Your Strengths and What you like to do

We will help you determine your strengths and what YOU LIKE to do. The Career and Internship Services Office at Culver-Stockton College is available to administer a career profiler test. This test is designed to give you some ideas of career clusters that would be a good fit for you.

With your results, you can select classes within our General Education categories to further explore those areas. For example, if your profile shows a talent in the business area, you may want to choose Introduction to Arts Management as your Fine Arts credit. Your advisor will help you pick classes that fit your strengths and interests.

If you are interested in the profiler test, email Robin Jarvis, Director of Career Services, at and she will take it from there.

I entered college as an undeclared major, but after taking a beginning accounting course, I knew I wanted more. I now work as a staff accountant in the tax department of a St. Louis area firm with 300 other professionals. I didn’t know where my path would take me, but with the encouragement of my advisor and caring faculty, I found my passion.

– Ayriel Gengenbacher ’19