Good Choice – We are Ranked #1

Plexuss recently ranked our Criminal Justice program as the #1 Best in Missouri so you can rest assured we will prepare you for success in your first position. Our faculty cares for your personal growth and will guide you through the curriculum as you prepare to enter a career dedicated to helping others. Protect people from criminal activity, help victims and create justice for society when you enter into law enforcement. You will make a difference.

The C-SC Difference

Our faculty have real-world experience in the field of criminal justice. You will be engaged from the first semester, taking classes with other CJ majors. You will perform hands-on activities such as interviewing and interrogation and crime scene investigation, all culminating in an internship with a law enforcement agency, corrections department, or social service agency. From ethics in the justice system to criminal behavior and social control, students will take courses that develop their ability to analyze different situations and set them up for success in a variety of people-centered career paths.

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After I graduate I want to be a Missouri State Highway Patrol officer. We have a mock trial team here on campus. As a police officer, I’m going to be testifying a lot and this class helped me with testifying in the courtroom on cases and how I talk in the courtroom, specifically.

– Madeleine Mennemeyer

What can I do with a Criminal Justice Degree?

Law enforcement officers
Corrections officer
Social workers
Not-for-profit manager

We offer specializations in Forensic Science, Forensic Accounting and Law Enforcement.

Beyond the Classroom

  • Student Experiences
    • Travel Study courses featuring law enforcement topics
    • Alpha Phi Sigma – International Honor Society for Criminal Justice
    • Fallen Officer Project
  • Professional Experiences
    • Exploratory and Professional Internships
    • Mock Trial Team
    • Mediation Team

Information About Our Minors

Our Criminal Justice minor pairs well with Legal Studies or Psychology. We also have a forensics accounting minor that prepares accountants to work in white collar crime investigation.

Online Degree Program

You can earn your Criminal Justice Bachelor of Science fully online or Bachelor of Science degree (BS). The BS recognizes previous work experience through a portfolio review that allows up to 31 hours of credit to be accepted. If you have previous law enforcement or military experience, ask your counselor about the BS degree.