Graphic design is art created by professional designers who develop compelling visual content to solve problems, communicate, convince and guide. By applying a visual hierarchy and unique page layout, you will incorporate typography, graphics and images, to inspire, sell, convince, motivate and lead by making the user experience as easy as possible.

The C-SC Difference

We focus on creative problem solving, independent thinking and fast implementation using real world projects. Working with the latest in hardware and software, you will apply design concepts to branding, social media, package design, print, web, digital, outdoor, video, animation, 3D and more. You’ll have the opportunity to join an International Collegiate Art Honors Society, along with an active art club, Mosaic. You will be given the opportunity to specialize to expand your employment possibilities. You also learn from award-winning, exhibiting artists who will inspire and guide you in the classroom.

The experience you get working with professors and the resources available really makes an amazing experience. You get a really great one-on-one connection with your professors and the small class sizes. The professors care about you and are available for you to ask questions and get help, which is something you don’t get at a lot of colleges.

– Ryan Moore ’24

What can I do with a Graphic Design Degree?

Corporate marketing departments
Advertising agencies
Digital design firms
Multimedia firms
Public relations companies
Social Media firms

100% of web design students graduate Google Analytics Qualified

Beyond the Classroom

  • Student Experiences
    • Visit regional art galleries and museums
    • Assist in our preparing shows of well-known artists in our two-story art gallery
    • Mosaic – photography, design and art club
    • AIGA student art group
  • Professional Experiences
    • Exploratory and professional internships
    • Travel Study courses to study art nationally and abroad
    • Presenting your own work in galleries
    • Begin selling your own artwork as an undergraduate

Information About Our Minors

A minor in graphic design will work with any degree that can benefit from having strong design skills. Graphic design is the intersection between art and business. Communications, Public Relations, Video Production and Web Developers. Digital Marketing majors will be asked to design ads, publications and communications that will need graphic design skills. Business, Sports Management and English majors will benefit from knowing graphic design principles and applying them to their work.

A minor in digital media offers students an opportunity to design and create different types of digital content adding to their arsenal of employable skills.