Create a Chain Reaction

When you earn a chemistry education degree you will be in a position to secure a teaching job in an in-demand discipline. You will enter the classroom prepared to conduct laboratory experiments, to answer questions about properties, composition and the structure of matter through your study of organic and inorganic chemistry. If you enjoy math, are detail oriented and ready to hone your skills in critical analytical thinking and writing, you are ready to be a chemistry education major.

The C-SC Difference

As a chemistry education major, you will observe in the classroom as early as your freshman year, and begin to teach micro lessons under a diverse group of teachers during your sophomore and junior years. In your senior year put into practice all of your chemistry and education classes during your student teaching experience. We prepare highly qualified teachers of chemistry. You will graduate from the program certified to teach high school chemistry once all degree requirements and assessments are passed. Professional preparation includes field experiences and research opportunities.

I am excited to be teaching our future Chemistry teachers and preparing them to lead the next generation of students. One-on-one mentoring and research is a highlight of my time on campus and a cornerstone of our program.

– Dr. El-Bermawy

What can I do with a Chemistry Education Degree?

High School Teacher
Graduate Programs
Chemical Companies and Research Scientist
Research Institutes
Environmental Health and Water Safety
Quality Control
Patent Examiner
Forensic Scientist

Network within the American Chemical Society

3+2 M.Ed. Program

Begin your Master of Education degree as early as your junior year.

Beyond the Classroom

  • Student Experiences
    • Culver-Stockton Student Teaching Organization (CSTO)
    • Science club
    • Domestic and international Travel Study courses (Egypt, China, Spain)
    • Role-playing and research simulations
  • Professional Experiences
    • Classroom observations (freshman through junior years)
    • Student teaching (senior year)
    • Professional conferences on and off campus