Data in Demand

The Computer and Data Science major is a unique blending of traditional computer science courses with data analytics classes. Consolidation of these in-demand fields affords the student a host of opportunities to design, accept, and process information and analyze, understand, and predict outcomes in a data-driven manner.  The uniting of these skillsets provides students with assets that will enable them to easily secure employment in an under-staffed and in-demand field.

The C-SC Difference

This major allows students to become proficient in two closely related and highly in-demand fields of study. First, providing students with the opportunity to learn about the collection, processing, and storage of data. Next, allowing them to make informed decisions about the data they process and extract.

Unique to C-SC, the blend of courses compliments and builds on one another, enabling students to have a complete understanding and command a broad range of computer and data skillsets.

Additionally, two minor courses of study are embedded within this program:

  • Data Analytics consists of six courses totaling 18 hours of study that provide students with a specialization in analytics that can complement any field of study.
  • Applied Programming consists of 21 hours of concentrated in programming, designed for students who wish to complement their major with data processing and computer programming skills.

What excites me about this major is that I look forward to developing my analytical skills in computer science and the creation of designing applications. I selected this major because I enjoy solving problems and it gives me a creative outlet to express my ideas through lines of code.

– Jared St. Juliana

What can I do with a Computer and Data Science Degree?

Data Analyst
Software Developer
Software Project Manager

3+2 MBA Program

Begin your MBA as early as your junior year.

Beyond the Classroom

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