Because it’s a great big world out there

If you are interested in unraveling the complex network of factors that explain how events in one part of the globe can have unlikely consequences in another, then a major in International Studies is for you. As we move into the second decade of the 21st century, the set of cultural, economic, social, environmental, global affairs, and historical dynamics we call globalization influences us all. This major acknowledges and addresses the dynamics of globalization and equips you with the tools to interconnect with the global community.

The C-SC Difference

This flexible major allows options to customize your degree to your interests. You will be choosing classes in Global Affairs that may be from the Political Science point of view or from a Global Business view. You also study Global History and Culture with choices that range from Art History to Music to Sociology. We offer “React to the Past” simulations that put you in roles where you decide the outcome of political events. You will have a well-rounded degree that gives you an advantage when you take the next step into your career or graduate study.

It is one thing to learn something in a lecture and hear it disseminated, but it is another thing to actually experience it yourself. Culver-Stockton’s commitment to getting students abroad and giving them experiences on their own is so invaluable. It’s not something that can be traded. Those experiences not only set you up for success in your career but also give you an opportunity to expand your perspective in a way that you wouldn’t get just by sitting in a classroom.

– Abbi Frings ’15

What can I do with an International Studies Degree?

Policy analyst
Elected and appointed public officials
Foreign service officer
International business leader
Congressional staff
Campaign Manager

An international studies major provides students with

the core knowledge and analytical skills that can help one to make sense of the international system and have an impact on government, business and society well into the future. In short, this degree allows students to leverage knowledge from a number of social science fields to become more informed critical citizens and, in many cases, pursue careers in related fields. – Chad DeWaard, Professor

Beyond the Classroom

  • Student Experiences
    • Student Government Association
    • Delta Phi Epsilon international student organization
    • Frequent domestic and international travel study
    • Role-playing and research simulations
  • Professional Experiences
    • Exploratory and Professional Legislative Internship
    • Council on Foreign Relations teleconferences
    • Civic Engagement on site or through field work

Information About Our Minors

The international studies minor is very popular with Political Science, History and Business students interested in working within global companies.