Biological Chemistry – The Perfect Blend

Advance science and human health as a researcher, technician, educator or prepare for advanced training as a healthcare professional with our Biological Chemistry degree. Experience the intersection of biology and chemistry, while exploring life at the molecular level. When you study biochemistry, you build an interdisciplinary knowledge in the sciences. This major can lead to a career in research, medical or dental school, vet and pharmacy school, or the field of biotechnology.

The C-SC Difference

Our Genomics Research Initiative offers first year students with no prior research experience the opportunity to conduct scientific experiments in a laboratory setting while also collaborating with, and contributing to, a national alliance that sources data from multiple laboratories across the United States. You will be taught by a diverse faculty of professionals from four countries and three continents, all of whom hold or are completing terminal degrees in the field. Our facilities have updated equipment to train biologists for the 21st century. If medical school is your next step, we have partnership agreements with Kansas City University Medicine and Biosciences, Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine and Antigua College of Medicine.

My time at C-SC greatly prepared me for my experiences after undergrad. The faculty did an excellent job ensuring I had the proper tool set to succeed in medical school. Even more importantly, the faith and guidance my professors instilled in me made me feel confident I could fulfill all my ambitions.

– Elizabeth Straus ’21

What can I do with a Biological Chemistry Degree?

Medical or Dental School
Pharmacy School
Chiropractor School
Laboratory Technician
Forensic Scientist

100% of our students

complete an internship.

Beyond the Classroom

  • Student Experiences
    • TriBeta National Biological Honor Society
    • Travel Study courses to Egypt, Spain, Belize/Guatemala, Scotland, Ghana, London and Ireland.
  • Professional Experiences
    • Exploratory and Professional Internships

Information About Our Minors

Students majoring in criminal justice can specialize in forensic science preparing them for criminal investigative work.