One family’s legacy

The Moorman Foundation has a rich history that shapes its purpose and outreach today. In 1942, Charles A. and Fabiola Moorman established the Moorman Foundation with $5,000 and a hope to carry on the values of their family company, Moorman Manufacturing. Founded in 1885, Moorman Manufacturing was headquartered in Quincy for over 100 years until its consolidation with ADM.

In 1945, Charles, or C.A. as his closest friends lovingly called him, and Fabiola grew the Moorman Foundation to make their first grant. Charles unfortunately passed away only three years later, and Fabiola carried out the mission with her active involvement in the Moorman Foundation.

A Timeless Vision

Just as the current board members feel it is an honor to further the mission of Charles A. and Fabiola, Culver-Stockton College shares the same sentiment. We honor the dedication of the Moormans by promoting their core values of economic, ethical, and legal principles of a free society.

Activities and experiences supported by the Moorman Professorship enhance curriculum, generate discussion, and provide a deeper understanding of a free society's basic economic, ethical, and legal principles.  The impact of the Moorman Professorship is recognized throughout the region as interdisciplinary teams of faculty and students engage throughout the tri-state area.

Fabiola Moorman

C-SC's partnership with the Moorman Foundation would not be possible without the dedication Fabiola exemplified and instilled. She led the board for many years after her husband's sudden death. Mrs. Moorman valued innovation and personal development. Strategic decisions were made so the foundation could continue to impact the community to the highest potential. Despite her passing in 1977, her legacy of philanthropy focus remains. Fabiola is remembered for her kindness, dedication, and exemplary leadership.

Moorman Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Moorman passionately supported local groups that they shared values with, and today's board does the same. Their philosophy is simple: make our community a better place to live by promoting the principles of a free market society. The current members of the board intentionally shift the focus from themselves as individuals to their purpose as an organization.