Sexual Assault Prevention & Response

Culver-Stockton College offers sexual assault prevention education and training programs. Some programs are only available upon request.

If you are a victim of sexual assault at Culver-Stockton, your first priority should be to get to a place of safety. You should then obtain the necessary medical treatment. It is strongly recommended that a victim of sexual assault report the incident in a timely manner. This is a critical factor for evidence collection and preservation. A report should be reported directly to Campus Safety and/or the Canton Police Department. Filing a police report does not obligate you to prosecute, nor will it subject you to scrutiny or judgmental opinions. Filing a police report will:

When a sexual assault victim contacts Campus Safety, the Canton Police Department may be contacted. Sex offenses are investigated by the Canton Police Department in accordance to state law. The dean of student life and the director of residential life shall be notified if the victim is a student. The student victim of a sexual assault may choose for the investigation to be pursued through the criminal justice system or the campus disciplinary process.

A representative of Culver-Stockton will guide the victim through the available options and support the victim in his or her decisions. Counseling options will be made available through the director of counseling and wellness services.

C-SC Sexual Misconduct Policy