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The skills you learn in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, including mastering strategic thinking will not only grow with you but is also a skill that pays dividends and provides you an advantage in attaining a coved corner suite position in corporations. The Culver-Stockton College MBA degree is designed to provide you with well-rounded preparation for all aspects of leading an organization, with the opportunity to dive deeper into areas of concentration such as accounting, finance, management, and healthcare management. Graduates are prepared for leadership roles in a dynamic business environment.

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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program features four areas of specialization: Accounting, Accounting & Finance, Healthcare Management, and Management.  The curriculum is designed for the working professional or the high-achieving undergraduate Culver-Stockton College student who desires to enter the workforce with an advanced degree. Also, nursing students may complete a dual MSN-MBA with our partner Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing.


The Master of Business Administration degree is accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11960 Quivira Road, Suite 300 in Overland Park, Kansas, 66213, USA. Please refer to our IACBE member status page for a full list of accredited programs. To view the public disclosure of student achievement, click here

The C-SC Difference

Culver-Stockton’s MBA program is a 100% ONLINE PROGRAM with rolling entry dates every 8 weeks throughout the year. The knowledge that you gain through the MBA program will advance your analytical skills. Our graduates are prepared for leadership roles in a dynamic business environment. Your courses will include competing in a global simulation, which will allow you to work within a team to make managerial decisions in a worldwide corporation, problem-solving through analysis of financial statements, and researching a real-world issue relevant to your work.

The traditional MBA pathway IS FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVE EARNED A BACHELOR'S DEGREE and provides the flexibility necessary to complete your education while continuing your career. Learn from experienced faculty through coursework that provides specialization to help you advance your career. 

The 3+2 MBA pathway is FOR HIGH-ACHIEVING UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS WHO WISH TO PURSUE THEIR GRADUATE DEGREE in business in a shorter/accelerated amount of time. During their junior year, outstanding students in any C-SC major - who have met all course prerequisites - may choose to apply for the program. Once 3+2 MBA pathway students complete their accelerated undergraduate studies, they transition directly into the MBA program their senior year.

Mission of the Master of Business Administration Program

The mission of the Culver-Stockton College Master of Business Administration Graduate program is to provide a superb, advanced learning experience. Program graduates achieve mastery-level skills and apply knowledge by building upon the foundations of undergraduate studies.

Points of Pride

  • 100% of graduates complete experiential coursework including real-world applications, business simulations and applied research 
  • 100% of graduates complete multiple case presentations in teams
  • 100% of graduates compete in the Global Business simulation C-SC teams have previously performed in the global top 100 and global to 5 finish overall 
  • 100% of graduates complete a real-world project within their workplace focused to solve a corporate problem/enhance corporate performance or conduct research 
  • C-SC faculty bring professional business expertise as well as extensive online teaching experience 

Program Goals

  • Demonstrate well-developed problem-solving skills including the ability to recognize problems; analyze uncertain situations; interpret and use data and evidence in drawing conclusions; develop alternative solutions; and adapt and innovate in new settings

  • Identify the opportunities and challenges of globalization and apply managerial skills to global business issues

  • Apply appropriate technological and quantitative methods and tools to the solution of practical management problems

  • Articulate forms of both narrative and persuasive types of communication and present them in written form. 

  • Demonstrate well-developed organizational, leadership and teamwork skills for the effective implementation of organizational policy. 

  • Integrate theory and practical application across business functional areas for the purpose of strategic analysis, planning and implementation, and control. 

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Joe Liesen

Dr. Joe Liesen - Program Director Assistant Professor Of Computer & Data Science

Janney Casual Photo

Dr. Dell Ann Janney Professor of Accounting

Julie Straus

Julie Straus Associate Professor of Accounting

Dr. Kim Gaither

Dr. Kim Gaither Professor of Finance

Susan Degee

Dr. Susan Deege Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Career Outlook The Possibilities are Endless

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a sought-after graduate-level degree in the business community. Organizations of all sizes and in nearly every industry need qualified individuals to lead and grow their businesses. An MBA prepares future leaders for the next step in their careers, whether that’s advancing to a higher level or transitioning to a new field.

Program Curriculum (33 Credit Hours)

Admission Information


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Application Due Date Document Submission Deadline Program Start
May 18, 2024 May 23, 2024 May 28, 2024
June 27, 2024 July 3, 2024 July 8, 2024

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discount on Graduate Degree Tuition for Alumni of Culver-Stockton College.

Culver-Stockton College offers a 10% DISCOUNT toward program tuition to full-time employees at many local and regional organizations.

*Only one discount may be applied.

We Chose C-SC. Here's Why.

Clarke Stacker '17, MBA '18

Clarke Stacker '17, MBA '18

After a rigorous search for the right program, I chose to earn my Master of Business Administration at my alma mater, Culver-Stockton College. As a proud alum who enjoyed my undergraduate experience, I was confident that C-SC was the best choice for me to attend a highly-ranked and reputable MBA program in the country. In addition to my professors, the program administrators and staff assisted in helping me navigate through the difficulty of balancing the robust workload while working full-time.

Danielle (HARPER) Stafford ’12, MBA ’18

Danielle (HARPER) Stafford ’12, MBA ’18

I realized that to continue moving up at the accounting firm I was working for, I needed to set myself apart. I reached out to my trusted alma mater about the graduate program, and I was enrolled and ready to start classes within only a few weeks. The professors made it easy to juggle working full-time and being a new mom.

Your Academic Success Team

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Shauna Stolte

Admission Counselor

After you express interest in our programs, our trained Admission Counselor, Shauna Stolte, is ready to help you through the application process. Shauna will also give you guidance regarding the admissions, transcripts, transfer credits, and more.
CALL: 573-288-6462

Angela Kay

Graduate Advisor

Once you’re accepted our dedicated Online Advisor Angela Kay will assist you in applying your past educational experiences to our program and will create a unique plan of study just for you, giving you the confidence so that you register for the right classes on your academic journey. Our online advisor builds a personal connection with every student and will help you stay on track. You'll always have someone looking out for you.
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