College is where you find your people the community that shapes and defines you as an adult

You will meet some of these individuals in the classroom but most likely, the group of peers who will become your life-long friends, will be the individuals that you meet around campus. We have 14 residential halls filled with awesome people and potential friends.

  • If you desire a good workout, visit the Mabee Center.
  • If you yearn for spiritual reflection, stop by the chapel.
  • If you crave a cup of coffee, drop by The Lab for a change of pace.

If you seek community, sign up for intramurals.

Interact with everyone you meet because after all, you’re here for the education but the experiences will create your memories.

Creating an amazing support system is second nature at Culver-Stockton. Between the professors, faculty, staff and students, everyone wants you to succeed just as much, if not more, than you want for yourself!