College is about finding the right fit we have a group of people waiting for you to join in the fun!

Between classes, homework, socializing, and work, you’ll be busy.

There are more than 50 groups and students organizations that will connect you with people who share the same interests as you. From student government to bass fishing to fraternities and sororities- you will find a community that will become your family. Join as many groups as you’d like then use these experiences to sharpen your communication, leadership and collaboration skills.

student organizations

I was in charge of safety for the Lambda Chi house. What I didn’t expect is how it helped me with time management. I had to help plan for any event we had. I didn’t want to miss events because of homework, and if I had to miss, I had to find someone to take my place. I had to have my stuff together.

TYRIN HOLDER ’21 Collins, GA