Center for Field Sciences

Culver-Stockton College is the official School of Record for The Center for Field Sciences.

The Center for Field Sciences was created to serve the evolving, modern needs of fieldwork across disciplines. We recognize that training for academic careers is essential. At the same time, we recognize that protecting, preserving, and managing our shared cultural and natural heritage is shifting to the government and Environmental Consulting sector. Therefore, training must include elements that enable program graduates to seek careers within and outside academia. To do so, each program will train participants in a range of transferable skills, list those on the syllabus, and grade them at the end of the program. Our goal is to create the leaders of cultural and natural heritage protection of the future.

Our Vision

Expand environmental science field careers to the broadest possible pool of aspiring practitioners. Preserving our shared natural and cultural heritage for generations to come can best be achieved by embracing excellence, equity & diversity in the field.

Our Mission

Breaking barriers of entry and providing excellence in training for impactful environmental science careers in academia, government, and the Environmental Consulting sector.

Our Values

  • Excellence in all we do is who we are
  • Diversity of voices makes us all stronger
  • Preserving Cultural & Natural Heritage is our personal responsibility to future generations
  • Programs are safe when they are safe to all
  • Field work is a team endeavor
  • Science is evidence based

Why choose? Prepare yourself for a career at both academic and CRM sector

Archaeology is going through profound changes. In the post-Covid world, academic positions are highly competitive and rare. In contrast, Cultural Resource Management (CRM) positions are plentiful and provide rewarding careers. CFS's goal is to train students for both possibilities, offering field schools of the highest academic quality and a strong emphasis on skills relevant to the CRM sector.

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