The student-run newspaper at Culver-Stockton College, The Megaphone, won 17 MCMA (Missouri College Media Association) awards for the 2017-18 academic year. The editor-in-chief is Laura Johnson, managing editor is Maggie Houska, and the advisor is Jessica M. Martin.

Some of the awards are for the overall staff, while others highlight individuals. Please see specific awards below:



• Best Overall Newspaper 2017-2018, Honorable Mention


•Editorial Writing 2017-2018, Third Place, “Become an organ donor and donate life,” Cheyenne Peterson

•Sports Writing 2017-2018, Second Place, “Seniors Shane Ponder and Matt Kelly talk football,” Jordan Vasquez

•Sports Writing 2017-2018, Third Place, “Blasgen diggin’ and Wildcats rollin’ into the post season,” Evan Leake

•Investigative Reporting 2017-2018, Third Place, “Safety and Security on C-SC’s campus,” Megan Blickhan


• News Photography 2017-2018, First Place, “Sorority recruitment 2017: The BIG Day,” Laura Johnson

• News Photography 2017-2018, Second Place, “Brown Hall dedication and ribbon cutting,” Sarah Sparrow

• Sports Photography 2017-2018, Second Place, “Young Wildcats gain valuable experience to take into 2018,” Matt Kuhl

• Sports Photography 2017-2018, Third Place, “Volleyball hosts senior night en route to season’s finish,” Sarah Sparrow

• Story Illustration 2017-2018, First Place, “Donate Life,” Vanessa Bolen


• Page One Design 2017-2018, Second Place, “Student voices heard in town hall meeting,” The Megaphone Staff

• Photo Page 2017-2018, Third Place, “Wildcat World Travlers’,” The Megaphone Staff

• Photo Page 2017-2018, Honorable Mention, “Homecoming,” The Megaphone Staff

• Feature Page 2017-2018, First Place, “‘The Hawks’ celebrate 150 years on campus,” Maggie Houska

• Story Illustration 2017-2018, Third Place, “Palm Tree,” Vanessa Bolen

• Special Section or Supplement 2017-2018, Third Place, “Homecoming Special Section,” The Megaphone Staff

For Winning the Most Awards in our Division-

• Sweepstakes, Third Place, The Megaphone, Culver-Stockton College

The last issue of the Spring 2018 semester of The Megaphone will be arriving to campus soon.

Contact the Marketing & Public Relations Office, at or 573-288-6000 ext. 6728 for more information.

NOTE: A number that appears immediately after a person’s name (i.e. Jane Doe ’18) is a reference to the year that person earned their bachelor’s degree from Culver-Stockton.

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