Throughout your undergraduate and graduate studies, you’ve remained dedicated to staying informed about the latest developments in education research. Robert Meehan’s words, “A gifted teacher is not only prepared to meet the needs of today’s child but is also prepared to foresee the hopes and dreams in every child’s future,” perfectly capture your recent commitment to mastering and teaching the Volume 1 LETRs® Science of Reading approach to reading instruction. This dedication led you to become a facilitator of the program, offering training for Culver-Stockton Elementary Education reading courses, and distinguishing C-SC as the sole college in Missouri implementing this program at such a level. Your foresight ensures that the 2025 cohort of graduates will enter the education field equipped with this certification, giving them an edge over their peers. Thank you for adapting your curriculum across various courses to ensure all students are equipped with the latest literacy pedagogy.

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Beyond keeping your students up to date, you immerse them in experiential learning activities, allowing them to apply their knowledge directly. By engaging C-SC education students with elementary students in Canton, you provide invaluable practical experience. These interactions not only benefit the younger learners but also enhance the skills of your students. Education majors gain hands-on experience in teaching reading and writing, thanks to your facilitation and guidance setting them up for success in their future careers.
Your commitment extends beyond the classroom as well. Your involvement in activities such as the Project Based Learning conference, your ongoing dedication to the Task Force, and your leadership as the FYE chair reflect your passion for education. Moreover, your collaborative efforts on a research project exploring barriers to childcare programs in the Tri-state area promise meaningful impacts on families and communities.
Dr. Lindsay Uhlmeyer, your contributions make you an invaluable asset to Culver-Stockton College and our community. Your unwavering dedication to staying informed about education research and your innovative teaching methods positively shape the students’ experiences at Culver-Stockton College. It is my sincere honor and privilege to award you the Walter S. Reuling Faculty Prize for Innovation in Student Learning.

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