Culver-Stockton College is pleased to announce that a scholarship has been established by Ken Logsdon ’60 of Leawood, Kansas. This scholarship will be awarded to an eligible student from Lewis County, Missouri, each year.

Ken Logsdon was born and raised in Canton, Missouri.  He attended Canton Public School and completed his undergraduate work at Culver-Stockton College. Some of his fondest memories of Canton are the life-long friendships he made while working at Logsdon Grocery. Working at the grocery store sparked Logsdon’s interest in business and he attributes that experience for setting him on the path to pursue his own business interests.

Many of Logsdon’s memories center on the people of Lewis County, Missouri, and the Mississippi river. He recalls getting out of school to fill sandbags and rowing down Highway 61 in a canoe. Also, he remembers how the town came together to fight the spring floods.  All these memories led Logsdon to have a strong desire to help students who have been raised in similar circumstances in the Lewis County Community.

Many students graduate from high school with little thought given to their future or life ahead of them. Not much thought if any is given to college as one of those alternatives because of finances. “It is my strong belief that some of the greatest talent lies in our smaller communities and when given a chance to receive a college education, a whole new world will open up for them,” said Logsdon.

Logsdon’s first job after graduation was with The Folger Coffee Company in Kansas City, Missouri. While working in the marketing department he was involved in the creation of the “Mrs. Olson” television commercials for the Folger Coffee Company. After leaving Folgers, Logsdon held top management positions in two additional firms during the next 43 years.  He retired in 2006 and has continued to pursue several other successful endeavors.

The Ken Logsdon ’60 Lewis County Endowed Scholarship will be awarded by the Financial Aid Department at Culver-Stockton College. Any student from Lewis County that has a 2.5 grade point or better will be eligible to receive this scholarship. The first student will receive this scholarship in the fall of 2019.

Ken and his wife Lucille of 56 years live in a suburb of Kansas City and enjoy all that a city has to offer. He has personally experienced what a college education means in the world today and the doors it can open for an individual.  He wants as many as possible to have the same opportunity.

Contact the Marketing & Public Relations Office, at or 573-288-6000 ext. 6728 for more information.

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