The Office of Counseling Wellness, together with the Department of Psychology at Culver-Stockton College has announced the launch of the Green Bandana Project on Friday, January 20, 2023, at 11:30 a.m. in Meaders Lounge.

Green Bandana Project

The event will help educate students about the Green Bandana Project, a nationwide mental health awareness and suicide prevention movement. This will allow Culver-Stockton students to become advocates and leaders for their peers on campus. Students will learn about campus wellness by understanding mental health resources and discussing this topic with their peers.

C-SC President Douglas B. Palmer said the Green Bandana Project is a response to a national mental health crisis, “We established a mental health taskforce to better serve our students as they navigate through this challenging season of life,” Palmer said. “We want our students to be successful beyond the classroom, and therefore we are providing them with tools needed to be mentally well.” He stated the task force, composed of faculty, staff, and students, found the Green Bandana Project through social media campaigns on other college campuses.

During the official launch, students will learn more about becoming members of The Bandana Project. Members of the project are identified by a lime-green bandana on their backpack, which signifies they are in possession of local resources for mental health. Additionally, members pledge to reject stigmas associated with mental health and support the mental health of people in their lives.

This event is facilitated in cooperation with C-SC Counseling and Wellness Services under the Direction of Jill Miller, MSW, LCSW. For questions regarding this event, contact Jill Miller at 573.288.6000 ext. 6720

For more information about the Bandana Project, visit

Contact the Marketing & Public Relations Office, at or 573-288-6000 ext. 6728 for more information.

NOTE: A number that appears immediately after a person’s name (i.e. Jane Doe ’18) is a reference to the year that person earned their bachelor’s degree from Culver-Stockton.

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